Welcome to “Her Story”

Welcome to “Her Story”

What is “Her Story” on BBSW? “Her Story” is a way of sharing your personal testimony or story to someone who reads it and share’s it with others ….” Her Story”! If you are a musician, painter, singer, stay at home mom, single, married, and the list goes on, and if you’d like to share with BBSW community to inspire someone, then you’ve come to the right place….”Her Story”.

Each month BBSW (Big Beautiful Saved Woman) would like to host your store on our “Her Story” page. We would like for you to share your testimony of what the Lord has done for you to inspire, encourage, heartfelt, bring tears, uplift, bring hope, faith, forgiveness, joy, laughter, and sharing to someone who needs to hear your story (aka Her Story). How can you be chosen to be on the “Her Story” page for a month?

Share us your story

If you would like to share your story, this is what you must do to be on our “Her Story” page:

1. You must join and be active on our Facebook BBSW community page (interacting with our BBSW post and others).

2. You must be a BBSW subscriber on our online website (www.bbswchristianapparel.com) .

You can submit your testimony to BBSW in two way:

1.You can submit to BBSW a short 2 minute of your testimony while wearing your favorite BBSW apparel (BBSW T shirt, hoodie, sweater, or hat) when creating your video. After creating your two-minute video, upload it on your personal YouTube page, and send the link of the video to [email protected]

**If you decide to send us a video, please do not use any vulgar language (curse words), and please make sure you dress modestly ladies! BBSW is not a dating site…. : )

**Also, make sure when recording your video that your background does not contain any absence pictures, music, and does not contain any pictures or images of other people, family, or friends.

2. You can submit to BBSW a 460 or less Word document of your testimony and a picture of you wearing your favorite BBSW T apparel. Submit this information to [email protected]

Get in Touch

Contact us with any questions about our store. We will reply as soon as possible.

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