Refund Policy

At the current moment, BBSW Christian Apparel does not accept returns and therefore NO REFUNDS cannot be issued in the event a BBSW Christian Apparel is shipped back to our warehouse.

If a purchased subscription package arrives damaged or is missing an item, our team will look into the matter and see if that package or single item can be reshipped.

However, sending back packages no longer wanted, does not warrant a refund as we do not accept returns. Therefore we ask that you bless someone you know can use your BBSW Christian Apparel instead. ​ Again, there are NO REFUNDS. So please check all of your information that includes name, shipping address, email, sizes and total price before checking out. Should you have further questions regarding our returns policy, please contact us directly [email protected]

This saves you the customer and us time and money. So please make sure that you want to order from BBSW Christian Apparel.